vcBlogger – Multilingual Blog and CMS (Website and PWA Mobile)


vcBlogger is a multilingual blog and content management system whose main focus is on multilingual, high speed and security. With this product, you can launch your own website, blog or mobile application. Also, all content is available as an API so that you can implement a mobile application or use content on various other sites.

vcBlogger designed and developed with PHP language and CodeIgniter framework. From the product management dashboard you can define different languages ​​and publish specific content for the language of each country. With the ability to grant access to any type of user account, including administrator, employee, regular user and special user, you can grant access to any user role.
You can define unlimited categories and subcategories. It is possible to create up to 4 subcategory levels.

In the blog posts section, every effort has been made to optimize the content in the search engines (SEO), and for each post, you are able to define SEO descriptions, keywords and tags. Also, the commenting system is another feature of this section, which in addition to high security and filtering the comments sent to prevent intrusion into the server, the Google Recapcha system has also been used as Ajax. After submitting a comment, the list of comments can be displayed in the admin dashboard and it is possible for the manager and employees to approve or reject any comment.

To make money from this product, in addition to being able to use other advertising systems such as Google Ads, you can also use the native advertising system included in the admin dashboard. With this feature, you are able to insert banners and ad texts in different sizes and you can insert any ad in different positions of the site. You can also monitor the number of views and clicks on each ad.

In terms of security, things like XSS Attack, CSRF Protection, Form Validation, Google reCAPTCHA and encrypted API access keys are included.


Release Date
17, April, 2022

Last Update
11, July, 2022

Last Version

Programming Languages
PHP, MySQL, CodeIgniter, JavaScript, HTML, CSS

Demo Version

Admin Part Features

  • Different user roles (super admin, admin, employee, regular user, vip user)
  • Grant access permission to different user's roles from admin dashboard
  • View the users activity
  • Ability to create unlimited categories and up to 4 level sub categories
  • Ability to post to blog with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • View, approve or reject comments submitted for each post by users
  • Manage and edit static pages (terms of service, privacy plicy, about us and advertising)
  • Manage, publish and edit dynamic pages with search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Ability to block a specific account by admin
  • Native ad management system with the ability to view the number of views and clicks of each ad
  • Enable or disable Google reCAPTCHA system
  • Create a new language and insert specific content to each language separately
  • Ability to set the timezone and type of calendar based on the selected language
  • Define a social media ID with an icon for each
  • Activate maintenance mode to prevent data entry and change at certain times
  • Email sending and receiving settings
  • Ability to change the website template or design a new template
  • Ability to set different logos for dark and light templates
  • Ability to set light and dark templates for each account according to your taste
  • Define an encrypted API key for each user to access content from other applications
  • The document to using the Rest API to fetch content in other applications
  • Ability to insert custom codes in the site header and footer
  • Ability to insert the custom codes in the sidebar or site content
  • Full support for RTL and LTR
  • Prevent XSS attacks
  • Protect all forms with CSRF capability
  • Reduce image size without loss of quality while loading the image
  • Full support for UTF-8
  • The ability to clean the system based on the desired time to free up web hosting space
  • Clearing Session, Log, Cache, DebugBar files and users activity history from database
  • Ability to optimize database tables
  • Display information and specifications of the PHP version of the web hosting server

User Part Features

  • Registration, user login, password forgetting are completely secure
  • Ability to deactivate the user account from his dashboard
  • Ability to insert new comments and reply to other comments for each post
  • Ability to upgrade to vip account
  • Ability to search between posts
  • Ability to share posts on social media
  • Full support for RTL and LTR
  • Ability to select the desired language
  • Sending a message via the contact form to ensure the security of the sent message
  • New and more features in future versions...

System Requirements

  • Linux Web Hosting (cPanel is recommended)
  • PHP Version: 7.4, 8.0, 8.1
  • PHP Extensions: Curl with SSL, GD2 Image Library, JSON Support, MBString, Iconv, OpenSSL, PDO, PDO_Mysql, Mysqlnd, allow_url_fopen, SourceGuardian, XML, Fileinfo, Intl
  • MySQL 5.6.x / MariaDB 10.x.x or newer

You Can Do

  • Install on One Domain.
  • Change the template to your favorite or design a new template.
  • Edit and translate the language to your favorite.
  • Integrate the product with your other products. For example, use the blog section for your website.
  • If you change your domain name, you can replace the new domain name without having your license revoked.

You Can Not Do

  • Install on more than one domain. (License issued for one domain only)
  • Sell the product to others without the publisher's permission or place it on your site or in other markets for sale.
  • Make changes to the Backend code that will result in the revocation of the license.

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Last Update

July, 2022